“I attended The Children’s Center over 50 years ago and have so many amazing fun childhood memories of going there. Now as a parent I have sent both of my boys there. They both loved it and it has brought me so much joy to see the next generation sharing in the same memories and enjoying it as much as I did!” - Farmer Julie (Flamig Farm)

"My three children attended the Children Center over a seven-year period and all experienced the joy of this truly special community. It is a setting that encourages children to be independent, to explore, and to embrace the outdoors. My kids became experts at dressing themselves for outdoor time, mastered the monkey bars, and became adept at pumping on the swings all due to the encouragement of the teachers and the play-based approach. My three year old knew how to tap a maple tree, another of my children taught me all about dreys' nests, and another could explain all you'd ever need to know about The Mayflower. These are just a few of the tangible things, but the intangibles obviously cannot be measured. My children had the daily love, patience, and care of people who are committed to educate and support little ones and their families. In so many ways, The Children's Center became a second home to our family. The familiar faces, the kindness and support through difficult times, and the built-in community made it a pillar in our daily lives. In fact, many of the acquaintances and families we met through our time at The Children's Center have developed into lasting friendships. There is undoubtedly something special about this school and we are grateful for the countless gifts it has given our children and our family." - Colleen Joncas

"The Children's Center - A place to call home! Everyone is so welcoming and kind. The staff was wonderful and helpful throughout the years. Always there to help you! It was so great to see my Samantha grow there, build friendships and get prepared for kindergarten. Can’t thank them enough at the children’s center. Love and miss you guys." - Erica Maglieri 

“The play-based education model is the heart of The Children’s Center and creates unique opportunities for children to thrive amongst their peers. Our two children felt right at ease throughout their preschool journey when they were met with the warmth and dedication that exudes from every teacher. The preschoolers are encouraged to work together, to experiment with materials, to climb and explore the great outdoors, and to have fun...all of which built confidence and growing competence within our own kids. As parents, we loved how our children came home excited about the hands-on experiences that tied to all areas of learning. Some favorites included: tapping the maple trees and then making maple syrup, building and exploring with a variety of art materials to create masterpieces, imaginative play in the mud kitchen outside, and the dancing and singing of educational songs. We cannot say enough to praise the wonderful staff that works very hard every day to keep our children safe, happy, and excited to learn!” - Lindsay Hensley

"I could not imagine my three children attending pre k anywhere other than The Children’s Center!   The loving teachers and staff became family.   My oldest who is now almost 13 still talks about tapping trees and making maple syrup!    The love for nature and the outdoors where children are encouraged to explore and learn in all types of weather makes this program so special.  When children leave The Children’s  Center,  they have a strong foundation of the social skills and independence they need to be successful in kindergarten and beyond." - Kirstin Bednarz

"Looking for a play-based preschool was something that was very important to me. I have loved each classroom that my children have been in at the Children's Center from the 3-year-old room to the "gift of time" room. Learning through imagination and play has been wonderful for them. I love the emphasis on nature, and that they are able to play outside for a considerable amount of time each day, rain or shine. All of the teachers have been very calm, kind, and gentle leaders. I think they do a wonderful job with all different children. I have been so happy with the children's center!" - Danielle Suprenant

"My daughter has been going to Children's center for 2years now, we are very pleased with school and curriculum. There is a great amount of outdoor play and exploring. Teachers, director and support staff are very helpful and accommodating. And they are working hard to follow Covid protocols and keeping kids safe.
We already signed up our younger one for next year too. Highly recommend." -Tetiana Dougherty

"We have been at The Children's Center for 5 years with three children. Each child has a different personality and all thrived under the caring teachers at TCC. The play-based curriculum made my children eager for school each day and TCCs focus on being outdoors made them all adore exploring nature and fostered independence with dressing themselves for the outdoors, no matter what the weather! My children are well-prepared for kindergarten and I cannot imagine sending them to any other preschool!" - Heather Vickery

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