The Children's Center

                                                              The Children’s Center

  Art: Experiment with a variety of media, fostering individual expression.

  The focus is on the "process" versus the "product". 

  Block Building: Construction with many sizes and shapes, learning space relations.Ask about our annual building      of the Mayflower ship!

  Music and Movement: Singing, acting, dancing, playing musical instruments. Ask about our guest visitors!

  Cooking: Measuring, mixing, experiencing senses such as smell, texture, taste!

  Woodworking: Use appropriate wood and tools and build multi-dimensional objects. 

  Field Trips: Observing and discovering, exploring natural areas and community resources such as the Pinchot           Sycamore Tree - The largest tree in CT!

  Problem Solving: Observing and forming concepts.

  Small Motor Coordination: Utilizing puzzles and games, alone and in a group. 

  Large Motor Coordination: Outdoor play - Lot's of it!  Developing stamina, taking advantage of the unique             opportunities provided by our large playground, and surrounding woods. Ask about our annual tree tapping for

  our own Maple Syrup!