The Children’s Center is located at:
197 Bushy Hill Road Simsbury, CT  06070

(860) 651-8296​

The Children's Center

 Background ​​​​

 ​Founded in 1958, The Children’s Center is a developmental preschool for children, ages two through five. The  Children’s Center is well regarded for providing a creative and nurturing environment to the hundreds of children  and families it has served throughout the Farmington Valley and Greater Hartford area.

 With flexible programs for two, three, four and five year olds, The Children’s Center is known for its rich programs,  supportive environment, vibrant classrooms, long-term and dedicated teachers and staff.  

​ Our Philosophy

​​ Since 1958, The Children’s Center has successfully provided Farmington Valley families with a preschool experience  and the building blocks needed as a foundation for successful later learning. The educational philosophy of the  Children’s Center believes strongly in the richness of informal play by teaching communication skills through self-  discovery. 

 The safe and supportive environment of The Children’s Center is designed to stimulate and encourage a child’s  natural development and to promote sociability, physical coordination, creativity and intellectual curiosity. 

​ Children are encouraged to participate in all phases of the programs, but are given freedom to explore individual  choices.  A major Children Center program is its emphasis on dramatic play.  The Children’s Center recognizes that  play has a significant value for the preschool aged child.  The act of “play” enables the child to express feelings of  acceptability, as well as to appreciate others’ needs. 

We encourage you to come explore The Children’s Center for yourself.

Who we are