The Children's Center

Children are eligible for kindergarten as long as they turn five years old by December 31st. But not all children are developmentally ready, especially for full-day kindergarten. 

Your child may benefit from the Gift of Time, a year of social and emotional growth and academic readiness. The Children’s Center’s pre-k program prepares children for kindergarten by giving each child the opportunity to grow and develop into a confident, intellectually inquisitive student.

​​The Gift of Time: a little extra for your childd

The Green Room program was established to meet the needs of those children who are age appropriate for a K program, but for various reasons, their parents elected to give them "the gift of time".  This idea aligns with the work of Louise Bates Ames from the Gesell Institute at Yale University.

As time went on and there were other options, The Children's Center decided to include the older 4-year-olds in the program (January, February, and March birthdays) to ensure a healthy class size.